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All league members will vote before first round on play OPTION:

    OPTION 1 - 7 max putts per hole = 126 putts/round max (normal Prodigy rules)

    OPTION 2 - 10 max putts per hole = 180 putts/round max

    OPTION 3 - No max putts per hole, but 120 putts/round max = 120 peak

    OPTION 4 - No max putts per hole & no limit putts/round = SAVAGE

    The most votes establish OPTION for entire 8 weeks of play

    A tie gets chosen by the owner



    Max putts per hole will depend on the OPTION chosen by players for that season

    Rounds will be played as trios (or duos if need) chosen at random by owner before round

       - A different player in your trio (or duo) group will keep your score for the round

       - You may see and check your own scorecard at any time

    Each player in the group will finish the entire hole before the next player (putt-putt rules)

    You may move your ball away perpendicular to any on course barrier/wall by up to one club head length ONLY if your

      normal backstroke would be obstructed in any way AND only moved far enough to free your normal backstroke

    Rolling through FREE PUTT wickets in either direction count for an immediate free putt

       - The ball must completely clear the gate to count for an immediate free putt

       - If the ball rolls through a wicket and ends up in the hole, no free putt bonus is acquired

    If the putt ultimately stops out of bounds, it is a redo putt, +1 stroke

       - All players will estimate and agree from which exact spot to redo the putt

       - If a ball travels out of bounds, but finishes back in bounds, no action is taken

    Only player currently putting in the group may stand on a hole’s fairways and greens at a time

       - Other players must remain off the course

    Regular sports etiquette will be applied

       - No disturbing other’s putts on purpose

       - Keep score fairly

       - Good public conduct and hygiene

    Ball must stop completely before next putt

       - The penalty is treated as an out of bounds situation

    The ball must be struck, not pushed by putter

       - The penalty is treated as an out of bounds situation



    A $10 credit on drinks for the season if holding a monthly membership at the day of first round



    The room will not be open to public; only league members allowed inside

    You may use any name or tag (within reason) for standings purposes

       - You will be on film and seen online in weekly summary videos

    Minor changes will occur weekly to certain holes on the course

       - No changes will be made during league play, other than repairs

    No chop shots; all swings must be parallel to the ground

    No spinning wheel options at hole 10; not in play

    Lighting will remain the same for entire season

       - Slow fading colors (RGB); no flashing lights

       - No disco balls

       - Blackilights will be on

    Must use a ball provided by Prodigy (many choices of colors)

       - You may bring and use your own club, but may also use any Prodigy putter

    One putter will be used for entire round  

       - You may bring 1 putter

       - If a putter needs to be replaced, you must finish the round with a Prodigy putter

       - You may change putters between rounds


    Rules may change in between rounds if majority of players plus the owner agree on such

       - Rules will remain in place for entire round directly after first putt of first player

* Required
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