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All employees and guests must wear a mask at all times while in the gameroom


We have set up contactless admission payments including a cash box for customers to place bills that will not be redistributed to guests as change


All tables, seats and regularly trafficked areas will be wiped down regularly


All games, accessories, equipment and controllers are returned to the front desk when finished where they are fully sanitized before the next use


There are 8 locations for sanitizing throughout the room, mostly in higher trafficked areas


There are 17 social distancing and mask wearing postings throughout the gameroom as well as 3 postings outside the front door before entering


Full service restrooms are located down the hall with hand washing abilities


All front desk game menus are now spaced back from the front desk to allow for distancing from employees behind the desk


The menu pages are also now in plastic sleeves for easy wipe downs


TV stations for gaming will be assigned specifically for spacing out gameplay at least 6 feet apart


More video game consoles have been added to each TV station to allow for spacing with minimal console availability issues


2 new isolated lounges for gaming have been created for the gameroom


All previous plastic handles or plastic devices for operating the minigolf course features have been swapped out for metal for easier sanitizing


All available seating at tables is spaced out at least 6 feet from any other groups of seats


No packaged food will be sold

Here are the steps we have taken to ensure a safer environment for gaming at Prodigy:

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Please email me direct at jeff [at] with any questions.