Monthly Membership


Here are some details about the program so that you fully understand what you get from your wonderful membership.

This card grants you free admission to play all games; minigolf, video games, board games and pub/table sports for the duration of the membership.

Every card is numbered and every member number is granted 1-admission per day that is open to the public for those ages 13+; not valid for closed tournaments or private leagues

With a hand stamp, that day’s user is entitled to unlimited re-entry throughout the day.  

Your membership starts on your first visit using the card.

Your membership expires on day of the month that you first visited, at the end of that day.  For example, if you first use your card on April 14 and you have a 3-month membership, it will expire on July 14 at the end of the day.

Anybody can use your card.  Is it not registered to any one name.

No replacement cards are available.  Do not lose this card since you will need it to be granted access.  

The number is only used to log the one-admission per day, not for replacement.